Hello World!




I manage to find time to build this blog for a week,which used hexo static frame on the github,and it is finished preliminarily.
As a Communication man,we should always keep in mind that science and technology are primary productive force!
I’m already learn elementary courses since I’m a junior student today. To cross the threshold is not difficult, but mastery is another question.Therefore,I will take notes on the blog through the learning and practice process,to witness my growth on the way.
Readers can commit on the bottom of the article,and contact with me.Welcome academic exchange and question communication.You can oblige me with your valuable comments about major related(digital electronic technology or analog electronic technology,for instance),especially math problem(^_^I am fond of mathematic).I’m not talent,but I’m adore of IT.I would appreciate it if you give me some guidance.

Talk is cheap,show me the code!
Just do IT!

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